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HS Codes
HS RF (Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity of the Russian Federation) - a National Classification of goods, the application of customs legislation which provided for (ch.33 p. 216 -218 LC RF).

The HS is the classification system of goods, intended for their coding and identification for customs processing, which allows:
  • To make customs economic transactions (levy customs duties, to determine the customs value, maintain records, planning, etc.);
  • To study the structure of foreign trade.
Currently, the customs authorities of Russia used HS Russia, which is based on the harmonized system of description and coding of goods used in world practice.

The HS codes consist of 97 groups and 21 sections that are strictly followed by the principles of a unique reference of goods to one group or another.

The main criteria used for classification:
  1. The material the product is made of;
  2. Functions that the product performs;
  3. The degree of processing (manufacturing).
The basic unit of measurement of goods by HS is weight in kg.

To determine the exact package of goods it is necessary to use the three components of HS:
  1. nomenclature part;
  2. Note to sections and groups;
  3. basic rules of interpretation.
In addition, during the determining the package of goods using HS, it is useful to apply additional publications (explanations, alphabetical index, Collection of eligibility decisions). Comprehensive guidance is "Basic rules of interpretation". The first five of the six rules define the product item (first 4 digits). The sixth rule is subheading (5 and 6 marks) and under subheading (7,8,9 signs) ten-digit code.

Commodity nomenclature is approved by the Government of Russia, State Customs Committee of Russia takes part in its development, makes changes and interpretation. Evasion of the established order of movement of goods across the customs border of Russia, by its misclassification or giving false information to GTE, is punishable in accordance with customs legislation.