Representation of your company in China
MAKO-Logistic company provides the presence and protects the interests of your company at the territory of China. We are ready to become a bridge between your company and a producer in China. We guarantee the prompt information interchange and efficient resolution of current questions.

Appling to the services of MAKO-Logistic you find a reliable partner, avoid the expenses for holding and controlling your own representative office in China, concentrate on the development of your business in Russia.

The team of MAKO-Logistic can carry out the following functions in China:
  • Checking of reliability of Chinese partners;
  • Holding the negotiations with Chinese partner about the price, time of production, terms of payment, characteristics and norms of package.
  • Preparing and signing of foreign contract, control of execution terms of the contract;
  • Arrangement the production in China, control of production process at the every stage up to issue the ready product and quality expertise.
  • Arrangement and control of the loading process of the goods up to the moment of sealing the container;
  • Preparing all necessary export documents and customs execution;
  • Transmission of goods to the carrier, control of dispatch and delivery.