Searching for goods and manufacturers in China
At first sight it's easy to find the producer of required product in China. However, it's really difficult to check the "producer's" competence, and the real existence. Chinese companies that can be found in the Internet, as a rule, call themselves producers, but usually it is far from reality and checking such "factories" we can find the trading companies that get trading extra charge. In the lack of experience it is possible to start cooperation with the short-lived company, that stops any contacts after receiving the first deposit, or can face the situation of receiving the goods of poor quality, that do not correspond with the desired requirements.

Thanks to considerable experience of cooperation with Chinese partners, specialists of MAKO-Logistic company can find the good you're interested in in China at the minimal time period, check the reliability of Chinese company. During looking for the producer in China our main reference point is assurance of the Client in quality of presented data about producer as well as about the goods.

If you make a decision to settle partnership with producers in China we'll arrange the full package of services connected with contract executing, control of production process and delivery the goods to the client's terminal.